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Calling Campuses, Cities, and Regions

to the Leadership of Jesus

What Do We DO?

 Kingdom Forerunners is a family of Pioneers who Catalyze and Connect

Missional, Multiethnic, Praying Communities

Across Campuses, Cities, and Regions

in Jesus name.

Kingdom Forerunners is ONE organizational family

with multiple expressions.


The Birmingham Prayer Furnace is a mobile, city-wide, night and day, corporate prayer collective of prayer leaders, musicians, worship leaders, and intercessors.


Ignite is a local campus ministry at UAB.


The Alabama Campus Prayer Network is a multi-campus prayer movement with regional summits each year.


Redigging the Wells are regional prayer initiatives in Jesus name releasing Biblical social justice with Biblical personal righteousness to a new generation.

Progress Partners is a professional coaching and consulting business that also offers personal prayer ministry through the covering of Transformational Ministries.  Lucy Hughes is the director.


Native Honor and the Silk Road Initiative are global mission initiatives of Kingdom Forerunners that work with Native American leaders in North America and efforts to grow the church in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Kingdom Forerunners is a 501 c 3 non profit organization chartered in Alabama on June 1, 2007.

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