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Paul Hughes

Kingdom Forerunners President and Birmingham Prayer Furnace Director

Christine Abrasley

Administrative Assistant

Lucy Hughes

Womens Ministry, Prophetic Teams, and Progress Partners Director

Daniel Hughes

Campus Prayer Networks Staff Intern

The Regional Forerunner Collective are volunteers who carry gifts for the Body of Christ and coordinate directly with Kingdom Forerunners leadership.

Melanie Harmon

Intercessory leader for reconciliation and multi-ethnic initiatives.

Lestley Drake

Director of Love Well Ministries and Pastor of the Lovelady Center. Lestley leads the worship entry each year in the Birmingham Veterans Day Parade

Lisa Finch

Intercessory leader for restoring honor to Native Americans and healing the land initiatives.

Melea Stephens

Board member for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Civil RIgheousness speaker on fighting the social harms of pornography.

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