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Racial Reconciliation

Christians practice racial reconciliation, not because it is politically correct, but because it is the work Jesus accomplished on the Cross. In His atoning death Jesus broke down dividing walls of hostility among all ethnic groups to make one new man from every tongue, tribe, and nation. Jesus is God's choice to lead our global family now and in the coming age when the Father sends Him again. Therefore the Kingdom Forerunners community is multiethnic and racially reconciling.  We offer training and encouragement to others walking the multiethnic journey on our way to a glorous future under the leadership of Jesus.

Ebony and Ivory Harmony 

Melanie Harmon is married to Dr. Shawn Harmon of European descent. Like black and white keys on a piano they have learned how to harmonize racial and cultural dissonance.  Their daughter, Shaniah, is an All State Orchestra violinist, now studyng at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston.


Shawn and Melanie lead groups to educate others on the importance and role of racial reconciliation and how the leadership of Jesus Christ is breaking down barriers today.

Native Honor restoresthe voice and influence of Native American leaders back into the church.   Lisa Finch is a Creek Indian descendent with tremendous authority in prayer to bring healing to the land and forgiveness between peoples.

Paul Hughes is a leader

in reconciliation initia-tives across Alabama and the Southeast US. He is an author, speaker, and training consultant for develop-ing multiethnic ministry.

Paul partners nationally with leaders of The Call to "wash away the color line in the blood of Jesus."

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