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Questions & Answers

If I would like to ask a question, how can I contact you?

Not only is it okay for you to call us, we would love for you to give us a chance to get to know you.  Don't be embarased to ask any question even if the answer is already on the website.


Matthew Makar



Jarred Fonseca



What are the vision, mission, and goals of the Summer Intensive?


A) Our vision for the planet                                                                                          Hasten the day of the Lord


B) Our mission for our region             filling a 24/7 prayer room with worshipers & building the Alabama Campus Prayer Nework


C) Our goal for you                                                                      discipling revivalists in the place of intimacy.


A)  Many are challenged to have a vision for themselves; however the Scriptures give the Church more than just a vision for indiviuals.  We are given more than just a vision for church itself.  We are given a vision for the entire planet, preparing for "the restoraion of all things."  Acts 3:19-21 describes how "all things," will be restored when we see Jesus come back.  Revelation 21-22 describes this as a time when there will be no more suffering, crying, or pain.  Imagine yourself free from your family strife, sickness, and habitual sins.  Imagine standing before Jesus, Himself and worshiping Him as you look dirrectly at Him in person.  

     The amazing thing is that the Scriptures teach that the timing of the return of Christ can change.  Not even Jesus, Himself knows the hour that He will come back to restore all things (Mark 13:32).  This truth begs the question, what will determine when Jesus returns?  II Peter 3 speaks of ...hastening the coming of the day of God.  Wait, hastening?  To hasten means to make something happen sooner.  Yes, the Scriptures call the Church to prepare the earth to see Jesus again by discipling all nations (Mt 24:14; 28:18-20), walking in holiness (2Pt 3:11-16), and building night and day prayer (Is 62:6). Seeing Jesus again on the earth was the dream that made the Apostles turn the world upside down.  If the vision of seeing Jesus face to face on the earth again was good enough for the Apostles, it is good enough for us. 


B)  Our mission for our region is two fold:

1) filling a 24/7 prayer room with worshipers - We are building a place in Birmingham where Jesus is exalted twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  In the        Intensive you will learn to enjoy prayer and how to press in to worship.  We are also training singers, musicians, and prayer leaders to lead the prayer room.

2) building the Alabama Campus Prayer Network - We are using the Intensive as a training ground to raise up leaders who go back to their high school and college campuses and begin prayer meetings that disciple people in the place of prayer and lead people into relationships with Jesus.


C)  Many people are attending church but few are actually being discipled.  We want to pour into you by teaching you to seek God and by walking through your hurts and areas you desire to mature.  We want to cast vision for revival.  We want you to experience revival in your own walk with the Lord so that you can lead others in it.  We want to do all this in the place of intimacy with Jesus.  In the Intensive, discipleship takes place while encountering Jesus in prayer and worship.



How is the Intensive different from past years?

There are several key points that are different this year from years past:

Change of Sponsorship= In the past, the Intensive has been co-sponsored by the Birmingham Prayer Furnace and Hope Culture Church.  Our mission was to build a 24/7 prayer room and a specific local church.  This year, we are co-sponsored by BPF and Alabama Campus Prayer Network.  We are still building the prayer room however; this year instead of focusing on serving a specific local church, we are raising up leaders for a budding movement of groups in campuses all across the state.  This will mean the curriculum will be altared to focus on rasing up leaders.  We will also allow more participation in various local churches instead of just HCC.  Also please note that there is no tension between HCC and BPF.  The transistion is happening because the Lord lead the leadership of HCC to build a local house church modle which reaches people with busy work lives instead of focusing on building a 24/7 prayer room.  We have both blessed one another in our various callings.  

Change of Location= In the past, the Intensive has primarily taken place at the Cirus Circle Prayer room in the "over the mountain area."  God has moved the BPF base to Titusville a predominantly African-American community near UAB.  We will be hosted by Living Church Ministries pastored by Bishop Demetics and Pastor Pauline Roscoe.  Our relationship with LCM, is more than just a tenant/landlord relationship.  We see them as partners in reaching this city.  We are excited about partnering with them and learning to reach Titusville, a very different community than Inverness.  We are hoping that this will bring farther racial reconciliation in our city.  We are also focusing more on reaching UAB this year.

Change of Directors ​= Since the first Intensive in the 2011, Matthew Makar and Gabriel Hughes have been co-dirrectors.  Due to a hectic schedule as Senior Pastor of HCC, Gabe is now focusing more energy on leading HCC.  This year, the Intensive will be co-dirrected by Matthew Makar and Jarred Fonseca.  After moving from Montgomery, Jarred served in 2013 as a house leader and has been promoted to co-director this year.  Jarred serves as the dirrector of ACPN.  We are excited that his firey preaching, passion for evangelism, and commitment to racial reconciliation will impact the culture of the Intensive.  

Change of Target Age Group = Though we are not discouraging high school students from the Intensive, we are focused more on encouraging college students to participate in the Intensive this year.  We are really trying to use this summer to build a team which ignites campuses all across the state.  

Addition of Singer and Musicians Equiping Option = 2013 was the first summer we had training for singers and musicains.  This year we are focused on improving it to raise up sinngers and muscians who are leaders in the prayer room and in campus prayer meetings across the state.  

Change of Classes/ Curriculum = This year, the classes and curriculum will be different.  The classes that will be offered are yet to be determined.  


How is the part time Intensive different from the full time?  (Sorry, this chart is not accessable for mobile users.)














































Is the Intensive for me if I am not a Christian but considering becoming one?

No, though we appreciate seekers and do not look down on them, the Intensive is not designed for them.  In the same way that someone would not intern under Steve Jobs in order to determine if they were going to purchase an iPod, the Intensive is not designed to help people through those decisions.  There are many great ministries which are there for you.  Some of our favorites are the Billy Grahm Evangelistic Association, and locally the Common Thread.


Is the Intensive for me if I am a new Christian or I have recently come back to Jesus?

Possibly, determining if the Intensive is for you is less about how long you have been a Christian and more about how hungry you are to go deep in pursuing God.  Please don't be intimidated.  We don't expect everyone who participates to have already mastered the Bible or have a vibrant prayer life.  We just ask that you are hungry to pursue God.  We have had participants in the Intensive who were recently away from the Lord and recently struggling with addiction who loved the Intensive and recommend it.  Those people profited greatly because they were hungry to grow in love for Jesus.  That being said, two things must be clear.  First, the Intensive is not a rehab fascility or a transitional program.  Though we value those programs, our staff is not equiped to pastor you through those sorts challenges.  Secondly, the Intensive is not for people who do not want to participate in the Intensive.  If you are a parent with a son or daughter who does not want to be a part of the Intensive, please understand this intense form of discipleship is not for them.  


Can I take time off durring the Intensive?

We discourage taking time off from the Intensive asside from the occasional doctor's appointment and the such.  The Intensive is like anything else.  You get out what you put in.  The teaching materials are accumulative and, it is difficult to catch up.  Participating in the Intensive, especially full time, is a commitment.  We ask that part timers schedule their lives as much as possible around the schedule they build themselves.  We ask that you list any neccesary absences on your application.  If there are too many neccesary absences, the Intensive may not be for you.  We are obviously reasonably flexible with unforseen family emergencies.  


What is ACPN?

Alabama Campus Prayer Network is committed to Building a Statewide Praying Community of Campus Leaders by:

1)Connecting campus leaders to one another

2)Encouraging students across Alabama through campus visits by ACPN staff and volunteers.

3)Hosting Spring and Fall semester Prayer Leadership Summits that mobilize grass roots campus prayer.


What if I want to do the Intensive but I cannot afford it?

We try hard to keep the Intensive as cost effective as we possibly can however; we understand many struggle financially.  Please see our scholarship's page for information on how to get significant discounts.  If you still need financial help, don't hesitate to talk with us but, please do so sooner rather than latter.  


Is my space guaranteed after I apply?

No, you will be contacted after you apply to confirm your space in the Intensive.  


Do I need a car?

A car is not neccesary however; we will provide you a discount if you contribute your car and you will not have to pay for gas.  See details here.


Do I need a laptop?

No, though people typically find using the laptop helpful. 


Can I change my mind after I register?

Typically no, it is incredibly difficult to change plans.  We will not refund the $60 deposit unless there are tragic extenuating circumstances.  


What should I pack?

-Clothes for 3 ½ weeks or 7 ½ weeks (depending on first, second, or whole track). There will be a washer/dryer available.  Because of limited dresser space, please do not bring more than 10 outfits.  If you are taking part in both June and July full time, please bring no more than 15 outfits. 

  -Bring clothes for recreation/swimming/working out/outreach/cleaning (tennis shoes and cleats for field sports if you have them).


(Labeling each item of clothing with your name is encouraged.)


-Towels w/ Name written on them


-Personal food items or money for personal food items


-Swimsuit (one piece for women)


-Sheets, pillow, pillowcase, towels.


-Hygienic products: toothbrush, shampoo, face & body wash, deodorant (whatever you need to be and smell clean).


-Musical instruments if you play.


-iPod with worship music.


-Bible, Journal, Pen and Notebooks


-medications- asthma, allergies etc



Can I hold a job during the Intensive?

If you are in the full time Intensive, you will not have the time to have a job.  The part time Intensive is designed for those who must work.  Part timers will form a schedule with the staff that will work around their work schedules.  


Can I date during the Intensive?

If you are in a relationship prior to the Intensive, this is completely fine to continue.  We ask that participants refrain from romantic relationships during their season of consecration so that they can focus on God.  Also note that the part time Intensive is created to be ideal for married people.  







-You will have a greater sense of community and you will be invested in more by the staff.  People often report the deep relationships and community is one of their favoriteparts of their Intensive. 



-Your tution includes 3 meals per day, six days a week for a total of 18 meals per week.


-Requires a commitment to our 6 day per week schedule.




-You will have 6 classes that meet weekly.


-You will be scheduled for 20 hours weekly in the prayer room.  (Don't worry.   We will teach how to engage in the prayer room.  People typically fall in love with the prayer room early on in the Intenisve.)


-Your tution will include a host home.


-Transportation will be included in your tution


-You will meet individually or in an intamate group with a mentor weekly.


-You will participate in weekly outreaches.



-Must be betweent the ages of 14-25.




-You will not be able to have a full time job with the weekly schedule.  



-Not available to married people. 







-Though you will become a part of the community, you will not be able to feel as much a part of the community as those who live in the host homes.



-Your tuition includes 2 dinners per week.



-You will create a weekly schedule with the Intensive staff to which you will be commited.  It will be a commitment of a total of 10 hours per week.


-minimum of 2 set evening classes per week.


-You will commit to 7 weekly hours in the prayer room.




-You must provied your own housing.


-You must provide your own transportation


-You will not recieve structured individual mentoring.



-You may be able to participate in outreach but, you will be accountable to find out the details.


-Created with people over the age of 25 in mind, but it is open to any age.  You must be at least 18 to participate but, exceptions are made frequently.  


-You can have a job and create a schedule that works around your work schedule.


-Perfect for married people but open to single people.





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