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A Parent's Perspective:


"As a parent, my greatest prayer and desire for my sons is that they would know the Lord.  The Intensive has been an amazing opportunity for my sons to be mentored and guided in the process of developing an intimate relationship with the Lord.  They learned to study God's word, to dig deep into truth, and to apply it to their lives.  I see a new hunger for the presence of God in my sons.  They ask me to go to the prayer room to saok in God's presence.  When we pray together, I have seen new depth in their prayers.  They have tasted of the deep things of God and are "ruined" in the most wonderful way!  They have experienced the truth that no one satisfies like Jesus."


                                                                   Nancy Moore

                                                                            mother of Josh, age 16 who has done the Intensive 3 summers,

                                                                            and Matthew, age 14 who had done the Intensive 2 summers

"As a mom of four, my main goal is to teach and raise my kids by God's word, to always be involved in church activities for them so they will grow closer to God themselves.  When my teenage son told me about the Intensive, I was very excited for him to accept this opportunity.  


After he started the internship, I missed him so but knew that he was learning to grow closer and closer to the Holy Spirit.  When he would call, I would say, have you eaten, slept, .... are you okay?  He always assured me that he was fine and told me a little about his duties at the time.  When he was to go into the prayer room for hours, I would pray for him at this time too.


His personallity, actions, and his spiritual growth really showed when he came home.  My son, Jess, was a great influence on the whole family.  I really feel that the Prayer Furnace is an acceptional place.  I wish all young people could  have the opportunity that Jess experienced.  I am very proud of him for accepting this challenge.  


He is a changed (better) person now and has the desire to live to spread the Word of God.  What more could a parent ask for?


                                                               Tina Gober

                                                                        mother of Jess, age 21 who has done the Intensive 2 Summers, 

                                                                        the first of which was the summer between highschool and college

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