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Leader Bios

Jarred A. Fonseca Summer Intenisve Co-Dirrector

The St. Augustine quote, “…the glory of God is man fully alive…” are words that have marked the heart of Jarred Fonseca. As a native of Montgomery, Alabama, Jarred has devoted his life challenging others to give their lives fully to the glory of the Lord, Jesus Christ. From the young age of 17, Jarred has been in leadership with youth and college ministries from Montgomery to Birmingham. Jarred is happily married to Kenora Fonseca and together, they have served in youth and college campus ministries since 2010. In 2012, Jarred became the Director for the Alabama Campus Prayer Network under the leadership of Kingdom Forerunners, a non-profit prayer leadership ministry in Birmingham, AL. Jarred is committed to calling entire generations of young adults to the understanding that they are the “hinge of history” and if they would but pray and live consecrated lives, they could very well be that pivotal point in which history is changed and the glory of God is revealed through the sons of men. Awakening and revival in the hearts of young believers is a passion that Jarred lives to see come to pass in this generation. “Oh! That God would make us dangerous!”- Jim Elliot. 

Matthew has given leadership to the Intensive for four consecutive summers, since its inception.  He is a native Alabamian graduating from Birarwood Chrisitan High School then earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama.  Matthew has been part of pioneering the Birmingham Prayer Furnace since the early days, in various ways from building NightWatch (all night prayer meetings) to pioneering a youth group.  He was previously an assistant pastor on the launch team of Hope Culture Church.  Matthew has a passion for preaching on the knowledge of God, prayer, worship, the Holy Spirit, eternity, and revival.  


Anyone who knows Matthew knows that his vision and mission is not merely something for a bio. Matthew lives to see Jesus return, to "hasten the day of the Lord," (II Peter 3) through three things: Building 24/7 prayer & worship, fulfilling the Great Commision, and growing in holiness.  Nothing excites Matthew more than standing  in the New Jerusalem face to face with Jesus, the One he loves deeply.  

Matthew Makar Summer Intensive Co-Dirrector

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