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International House of Prayer -

Partnerships w/BPF

IHOP University Spring Ministry Trip - This past April 4-12, 37 students from the IHOPU in Kansas City served in the Omega Street Prayer Room, the Lovelady Center for Women, Grace House for girls in Fairfield, and other ministry partners in Birmingham.  The vision is for this to be an annual experience.












IHOPU ExternshipsThe Birmingham Prayer Furnace is one of only a few official houses of prayer in the country where IHOP University students are approved to fulfill course requirements while serving in another location.  The Prayer Furnace has the vision, values, basic theology, and mission to provide a learning environment for IHOPU students looking for next steps after graduation. The Externship program is a 4 month program each Spring, Summer, and Fall.













Annual ONETHING Conference - Each December between Christmas and New Years the Birmingham Prayer Furnace coordinates travel and housing for anyone from Metro Birmingham wanting to experience the IHOP sponsored ONETHING Young Adult Conference in Kansas City as a group.  


Annual STAND Conference - The African-American Forerunner Alliance hosts a conference each year at IHOP-KC for increasing intercession in the Black community.  College students and others from Birmingham travel each year to STAND.

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