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Full Time Information

What to Expect:

God is a relational God.  Therefore, it is not surprising that God uses other believers to provoke us towards Himself.  For this reason, we have structured the full-time intensive so that participants will be living together in homes. It is important for us to not only share the prayer room with believers, but life as well, over meals, sports, and community living.  God uses human relationships and communion with Him to transformation us to be like Jesus!  That is why the full-time Intensive is just that, full-time.  It is a 6-day a week commitment.  Click here for sample weekly schedule. Come, share a season of life in meaningful community, and together learn to fall in love with God and people.

*If you like the idea of the Intensive but are unable to do the Full-Time commitment, click here for info on the Part-Time Intensive.


You will recieve classes each track that will expand both your mind and heart to know and love Jesus more.  You'll learn how to actually enjoy prayer.  Click here or an audio sample of last year's class on Christology, the study of Jesus.


The core of the Intensive is the prayer room. Here, you will engage in vibrant worship, learn to commune with God, deepen your love for Scripture, shape history through prayers for justice. 

The Activities:


Not only will you learn to pray in the prayer room.  You’ll also learn how to inspire powerful prayer meetings.  You will grow in leadership skills so you can impact your campus.


Through an encouraged weekly fasting day and separation from media, you will learn to set your life apart to grow closer to the Lord.


You will impact the community. You will put feet to your prayers by going out for weekly evangelism, outreach, and even prayer walks on high school and college campuses.


Through community living, sports, games, service and accountability, you will be challenged to grow more like Jesus while having fun.



You will cultivate your God-given gifts when you receive personal mentoring in one of your specific spiritual gifts.  You can improve in preaching, teaching, singing, leading, evangelism, hearing God’s voice, etc.

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