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February 22 Joint Sunday 10 am Worship Service

@ Beth Hallel w/Allen Hood






For the second year following Altar Builders, the main speaker from the Conference will teach at a combined Sunday 10am Worship Service for participating ministries.   


Worship Teams from Canvas Church and Living Church Ministries will lead us, along with representatives from Beth Hallel, 1st Alliance Church of McCalla, Hope Culture Church, and the Birmingham Prayer Furnace.  All are welcome!



Beth Hallel is Alabama's largest Messianic Jewish Congregation.  Feb 22 is Rabbi David Schneier's birthday!

Allen Hood is the President of the International House of Prayer University and Associate Director of the IHOP Kansas City Base.

Christian Recording artist Lara Landon will lead us with the Canvas Church worship team and the Praise Team of Living Church Ministries under Bishop Demetrics Roscoe.

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