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A Love That Forgives



In 2012, Birmingham Prayer Furnace worship leader, Caleb Hughes, wrote a song for the 50th anniversary of the Klan bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church.  Caleb's story is here.


A UAB film class was so inspired by the song that they made the music video on the home page. Eyewitness, Bernardine Layton, was 15 when she saw her friends killed in the church bombing. At 65 she appears in the video. A dear friend of the Prayer Furnace, Bernardine died not long after speaking on behalf of all the bombing survivors at the Redigging the Wells event on the 50th anniversary.


Watch Bernardine tell her story here. 


The Background story of an anthem for a New Birmingham.

Bishop Demetrics Roscoe of Living Church, host of the Omega Street Prayer Room.

Bishop Roscoe and Bernardine Layton were both 15 years old when at the scene of the 16th St Baptist Church bombing on Sept. 15, 1963.  They are pictured here at a Birmingham Prayer Furnace event at Railroad Park on Sept 15, 2012 proclaiming the same message of the youth Sunday 49 years before - Jesus is the Love That Forgives.  He is the Foundation of the New Birmingham.

A love That Forgives and other original songs from Birmingham Prayer Furnace leaders are on The Cry of The Bride CD for only $5 at our webstore.

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