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Why an Intensive?

First, spending time with God changes people.  Because of God’s nature, to be with Him and stay unchanged is impossible.  The challenge is finding time.  Keeping up with our responsibilities in the daily grind is simply part of life.  That is why, there is wisdom in taking seasons of consecration.  In these times, God thrills our hearts with His beauty in a way that equips us to walk with Him faithfully even after the time of consecration.  Our desire is that those who take part in the Summer Intensive will not only leave with hearts bursting with fresh love for Jesus.  We go farther.  We equip them with “holy habits,” to continue an enjoyable lifestyle of prayer & worship that leads to a lifetime of transformation.  That’s why we’re building a 24-hour prayer room, a place to behold Jesus until we become like Him.

Second, God uses changed people to change people.  We have a bigger vision than just changing your life.  Great moves of God always start in the same place, one person. God brought 2 million Israelites to freedom through one person consecrated to Him, Moses.  God brought 12 million people to faith through one person changed by Him, Billy Graham.  How many people could God change through a team consecrated to Him and transformed by Him, which included you?  That’s why we're building Alabama Campus Prayer Network.  We want those in the Intensive to take that transformation into their high school and college campuses.  

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