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Fueling  intimacy with God's heart, involvement with God's mission, and readiness for God's Son

through misisonal families of prayer.

In 2012, Birmingham Prayer Furnace worship leader, Caleb Hughes, wrote the song above for the 50th anniversary of the September 15, 1963 Klan bombing of the 16th St Baptist Church. For the video of its inspiration, click here.  A reunion of Church bombing survivors came to Redigging the Wells Birmingham in 2013 to release justice in Jesus name to a new generation. 

Hezekiah Walker is a pastor in Pennsylvania.  But his Flashmob in the heart of Birmingham at the Five Points South intersection is a picture of the New Birmingham that is emerging.  Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma were the major flashpoints of the Civil Rights Movement.  God is releasing a Civil Righteousness Movement today for true Justice in Jesus name to a New Generation.

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